S6. Episode 9: Keeping the Spark Alive

How can you keep the spark alive in your relationship? Well, it takes more than just flowers and chocolate. Tune in as Corey and Tracy discuss spark killers, time blocking, question cards, and tough or fluff. And, hear their thoughts on vulnerability, wellness checks, gratitude, surprises, and intimacy. While there are many ways to keep … Read more

S6. Episode 8: Forgiving Others with Katharine Giovanni

Listen as we chat with bestselling and award-winning author, Katharine Giovanni, as she talks about her book, The Ultimate Path to Forgiveness. Katharine shares valuable tools for forgiving people, places, and things…along with the energy surrounding them. Discover how to use her ranking exercise of the painful memories you want to forgive, mantras for helping … Read more

S6. Episode 7: Self-Forgiveness with Barbara J. Hunt

Join us as we hear from forgiveness specialist, Barbara J. Hunt, on the importance of self-forgiveness in relationships, the connection between grief and forgiveness, and how people often get something out of holding onto their own resentment. Tracy talks about how she lets herself off the hook quickly after making a mistake, while Corey shares … Read more

S6. Episode 6: The Root of Conflict with Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt

Tune in for an amazing conversation with clinical psychologist and certified relationship therapist, Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt, about addressing the root causes of conflict in relationships. She discusses how we, as adults, engage in conflict in ways that were modeled for us as children. Corey shares about how her parents’ relationship, and ultimate divorce, modeled … Read more

S6. Episode 5: Supporting Your Partner Through Challenges

Wondering how to best support your partner through challenging times? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss how minimizing, comparing, judging, fixing, and silver lining can create a negative impact on the relationship, despite one’s helpful intention. Instead, consider asking about your partner’s needs, validating, encouraging, supporting, listening, and affirming as they can go a long … Read more

S6. Episode 4: Intimacy with Julie Hall

Tune in for an insightful discussion about intimacy with licensed marriage and family therapist, Julie Hall, as she shares about the three Cs to developing intimacy – Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage. She describes what threat response behaviors, negative interaction cycles, and competing attachments are and how they can get in the way of intimacy in … Read more

S6. Episode 3: Blending Families with Dr. Nicole Odom-Hardnett

Tune in to hear Dr. Nicole Odom-Hardnett’s personal story about blending families and parenting “bonus children.” Learn about how she embraces the practice of constant communication and parenting as a team. She also offers recommendations about dealing with each other’s exes and on what to do if you are the one coming into the relationship … Read more

S6. Episode 2: Marriage: Is It For Me?

Join us for a lively discussion on the 20 questions to ask yourself before getting married. For example: Would for better or worse make me better or worse? What am I doing to hold us back? Is this relationship balanced? What is my gut telling me? Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about their opinions … Read more

S6. Episode 1: Moving In

Listen to our first “live studio audience” recording at the Tucson Hop Shop! Corey and Tracy banter about all things moving in – U-hauling, cohabitation agreements, as well as open drawers, ugly pictures, and other pet peeves. As usual, they are at opposite ends as Tracy says to speak up about all the little things, … Read more

S5. Episode 10: Falling in Love . . . with Corey and Tracy

Tune in to hear the backstories from Corey and Tracy about what each of their first “falling in love” experiences felt like. Corey shares her “in the closet” Notebook-like first love that came crashing and burning down, whereas Tracy talks about her college love triangle that led her to someone else. Show Notes: Coach Dorothy-Tune … Read more

S5. Episode 9: Conflict Early On with Dr. Heather Browne

Join us as we talk with relationship expert, Dr. Heather Browne, as she shares wisdom and strategies for enhancing communication and dealing with conflict at the beginning stages of a relationship. But, this episode is like any other – Corey and Tracy see the world quite differently, with Tracy believing that conflict at the beginning … Read more

S5. Episode 7: Bringing the Past to the Present with Laura Giles

Join us as we talk with shadow worker and coach, Laura Giles, who shares insight on understanding how past trauma, particularly from one’s childhood, can emerge in a new romantic relationship. Through our conversation, Tracy’s oft-said comment, “when it’s hysterical, it’s historical” and quest for every first date to take place at a therapy session … Read more

S5. Episode 5: The Influence of Friends and Family

What if your friends or family members don’t like your new love? Are they good barometers for identifying red flags or just naysayers who don’t understand how awesome your new partner is? Or, what if they love your new boo…more than you do? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss these and other deep questions about … Read more

S5. Episode 4: Maintaining Independence with Lindsay Andrews

Tune in for an insightful conversation with codependency expert and educator, Lindsay Andrews. We chat all things codependency – from how to recognize it, how to break the cycle, and how to set boundaries moving forward. Hear as we all pipe in, particularly Lindsay, about the myth of the “you complete me” and “you’re my … Read more

S5. Episode 3: The Honeymoon Phase with Brittany Steckel

What is the honeymoon phase exactly? We meet that new person, fall head over heels, and float in bliss…for a few months, perhaps. Then, real life sets in. Join us as we talk with individual and couples’ counselor, Brittany Steckel, about what happens to our bodies and minds at the beginning of a relationship, how … Read more

S5. Episode 2: The Flow and Pace of a New Relationship

Exclusivity, situationships, playing the field…Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss the many factors that go into figuring out the flow and pace of a new relationship. While both aspire to channel Dr. Frankie’s advice to explore options and take it slow before committing, Corey and Tracy share their visceral reaction to any dating or relationship … Read more

S5. Episode 1: Falling in Love

How do YOU fall in love? Is it an up-all-night, fairy tale, magical whirlwind where you hurl yourself into the mad rush of euphoria, like Tracy does? Or is it more measured and slow burning, bucking all the Hollywood expectations of the happily ever after, like Corey goes about it? Tune in as Corey and … Read more

S4. Episode 10: The Ultimatum Journey with Xander Boger

“The Ultimatum: Queer Love” had the LGBTQ community on the edge of their seats for ten episodes, waiting to see if any of the five couples ended up getting married, splitting up, or even re-partnering with someone else on the show. Join us as we have a heartfelt conversation with Xander Boger, who had a … Read more

S4. Episode 8: Speed Dating and Matchmaking with Matchmaker, Dr. Frankie Bashan

While shows like Indian Matchmaking and The Millionaire Matchmaker have brought attention to facilitated dating, Dr. Frankie Bashan, lesbian and bisexual matchmaker, offers behind-the-scenes details on how both matchmaking and speed dating work. Tune in as she talks about how she entered into the world of matchmaking and how her background as a psychologist helps … Read more

S4. Episode 7: Unique Dating Situations

Have you ever dated across a large age gap? Long distance? Someone with kids? How about a person with different political or religious views? Or maybe someone freshly broken up? Dating is hard enough without all of the extra layers of possible complexity. But, these factors only help us figure out what we really want … Read more

S4. Episode 5: The First Date

Nervous about asking someone out, getting ready for that first date, striking up the initial conversation, or even figuring out how to say goodbye at the end of the date while keeping the momentum going for the next one (or gently letting the person down if you don’t want another date)? Well, Corey and Tracy … Read more

S4. Episode 4: Organic Dating

Organic dating isn’t connecting with a possible love interest over a kale smoothie; instead, it involves meeting prospects OFF the dating apps. In a world in which the apps are the go-to for many, it’s easy to forget about all the amazing places and great ways to meet people IRL. Listen in as Corey and … Read more

S4. Episode 3: Online Dating

Online dating…some love it; some don’t. But, it can be a great way to meet amazing people and potential partners, if you approach it authentically and with realistic expectations. Listen as Corey and Tracy banter about profiles riddled with typos, bathroom selfies, ghosting, and having to sift through what are obviously rants about exes embedded … Read more

S4. Episode 2: Love Healing with Dating Coach and Energy Worker, Carisa Montooth

“The beginning to everything is healing.” Tune in as a love coach and sixth generation healer, Carisa Montooth, shares about why healing deep ancestral and past wounds before getting into a relationship is the first step to self-love. Hear as she shares personal stories and experiences about how to develop sustainable love, what people often … Read more

S4. Episode 1: Getting Back Out There

You want to start dating. But, how do you know you’re ready? Tune in as Corey and Tracy talk about doing self-work, setting intentions, and trusting your gut to prepare yourself for getting back out there. Listen to Corey share her experience “practice dating,” and Tracy talk about her less-structured, go-with-the-flow approach. If you are … Read more

S3. Episode 10: Moving on with Vera Minot

Tune in for a conversation with special guest, Vera Minot, entrepreneur, activist, and President of the Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce, as she shares how she has healed from heartbreak. Hear her talk about the lessons she’s learned and her thoughts on the band-aid pull breakup approach, journaling, and letting time work in her favor. … Read more

S3. Episode 9: Clarifying Needs and Expectations

Although healing from a breakup is often filled with managing emotions and meaning-making, it is also a great time to think about needs and expectations moving forward. Listen as Corey and Tracy share insight into their “must-haves,” those things they had in past relationships and want again in the future, the “never doing that agains,” … Read more

S3. Episode 8: Minding the Chatter with Lise Cartright

Tune in for an amazing discussion about quelling negative mental chatter with coach and author of Mind the Chatter, Lise Cartright. Lise discusses how she engages with Neville, the name she gave to her chatter, and how she managed her chatter during heartbreak and healing. As a manifester and someone who sees the world as … Read more

S3. Episode 7: Making Space for Others’ Joy

Managing heartbreak is hard enough, but what do you do when everyone around you seems happy and you want to rip up their love poems? Listen as Tracy shares how she would never go to couples’ game night alone, and hear what Corey has to say about the over-exaggeration of social media and the transformative … Read more

S3. Episode 6: Intuitive Healing

With so many ways to go about healing from heartache – like making new friends, taking up a hobby, talking with a therapist, and prioritizing goals, it’s easy to focus on the more traditional or conventional aspects of healing. But, what about intuitive, metaphysical ways? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss their take on Reiki, … Read more

S3. Episode 4: Reclaiming and Recreating Identity

After a breakup, it’s not unusual to get that new haircut, start an exercise plan, or get a new job. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their post-breakup healing experiences and ways they reclaimed and recreated their identities, whether that was Tracy becoming a better dresser and competitive pickleballer or Corey becoming the lesbian docent … Read more

S3. Episode 3: Self-Love

Self-acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, affirmations, boundary setting, wellbeing, and exploring new endeavors…all essential for self-love. Listen as Tracy shares how loving herself means not running away from acting class and reading 20 affirmations a day, while Corey talks about her non-negotiable daily walks and liking others’ social media posts, except apparently Tracy’s Facebook posts. Hear how … Read more

S3. Episode 2: The Healing Plan

Healing after a breakup can feel overwhelming. But, what if you had a healing plan that could help you move through the process quicker and more effectively? Tracy isn’t quite sure a formal plan would work for her, but Corey swears by her 44-point healing plan. Listen as they talk about their healing experiences being … Read more

S3. Episode 1: What Kind of Healing?

Sadness, anger, hurt, confusion, relief, and fear. These are just some of the emotions many people feel after a breakup. Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about which emotions often come from feeling grief due to the loss of the relationship and which ones come from the trauma of the breakup or even relationship itself. … Read more

S2. Episode 10: Breakup Dos and Don’ts

Dealing with breakups can be challenging. But, our listeners have chimed in with their tried and true “Dos” and “Don’ts” during a breakup. As always, hear Corey and Tracy comment on each of these pieces of wisdom, and in turn, learn more about Tracy’s creepy baby doll or Corey’s view on what it means to … Read more

S2. Episode 9: Getting Over Your Ex with Coach Dorothy

Tune in for a conversation with Dorothy AB Johnson as she shares her insights on getting over your ex. Dorothy is a breakup coach and podcast host, who offers the “Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less” program. Listen as Corey and Tracy engage in a lively discussion with Coach Dorothy. Show Notes: … Read more

S2. Episode 8: Closure

After a breakup, many of us just want information (Why did this happen? How did we get to this point?), validation (Is it me?), or just a chance to be heard (Let me share my thoughts) to get closure. But, closure is not just for the one who was broken up with; it is also … Read more

S2. Episode 7: Letting Go

Have you ever gotten out of a relationship and just wanted to “let go” or “move on?” Are there things we can do to initiate or even accelerate this process? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss what worked and didn’t work for them to “let go,” physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether that is getting rid … Read more

S2. Episode 6: Breakup Truisms

Have you ever been told after a breakup, “Time heals all wounds?” “There are other fish in the sea?” “You are better off?” Breakup truisms are pieces of advice that we are often told after a breakup by others who are well-intentioned in doing so. But, do these pieces of supposed sagely wisdom have any … Read more

S2. Episode 5: Attachment Styles with Jessica DaSilva

Listen in as we talk with Jessica DaSilva, a licensed marriage and family therapist and attachment coach in helping adults end their unhealthy dating patterns and create stronger, secure relationships using the Attachment Theory framework. Our conversation explores how understanding the role of attachment styles in relationships, and particularly, in breakups can be insightful. Jessica … Read more

S2. Episode 4: The First Six Weeks

The first six weeks after a breakup can be tough. Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss what they have tried during those first six weeks after various breakups as they tried to survive and thrive after heartbreak. Show Notes: Law of Attraction-Learn more about attracting the energy, experiences, and feelings you want. Love Your Life … Read more

S2. Episode 3: No Contact

Tune in to learn more about the “No contact” rule after a breakup. Whether you need space, time, or just a chance to re-engage with yourself, having at least 30 days of no contact with your ex can be vital. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their takes on the “No contact” rule…with Tracy admitting … Read more

S2. Episode 2: Breaking Up

Episode 2: Breaking Up Whether you are the breaker-upper or the broken-up-with, splitting up from our significant other can be disorienting, difficult, and heartbreaking. Even relationships we know must come to an end can still leave us in a state of grief and confusion. Should you have a breakup contract? How much do you involve … Read more

S2. Episode 1: Heartbreak and Heartache

Listen as Corey and Tracy “get real” about their own experiences with heartbreak and heartache. Hear the one thing they do agree on about heartbreak and the other things they don’t as Tracy’s “hopeless romantic” and Corey’s “practical partner” engage in lively discussion.

S2. Reflections on Season 1

As Corey and Tracy extrovertedly chatted through season one, some of what came up from their discussions even surprised them. Listen as they share what they learned from season one and how they are applying their own insight, as well as learn what season two has to offer. Show Notes: Law of Attraction-Learn more about … Read more

S1. Episode 10: Living the 8 Lessons with Joan and Katie

In the final episode of season 1, listen to Joan and Katie, who have been together for 25 years, share how they live the 8 lessons. And, this episode wouldn’t be complete without commentary from Corey and Tracy about the biggest lessons they have learned from this season’s content. Show Notes: None

S1. Episode 9: Giving and Taking Space

Do you really give the benefit of the doubt to others, especially the people you are in relationships with? Or, are you quick to assume bad intentions and react in ways that aren’t as loving and kind? Listen as Corey and Tracy share their thoughts and experiences about how they have learned to give others … Read more

S1. Episode 8: The Benefit of the Doubt

Do you really give the benefit of the doubt to others, especially the people you are in relationships with? Or, are you quick to assume bad intentions and react in ways that aren’t as loving and kind? Listen as Corey and Tracy share their thoughts and experiences about how they have learned to give others … Read more

S1. Episode 7: “Fixing” Others and Others “Fixing” Us

Have you ever tried to change or fix someone…all to help them be better versions of themselves? Hear Corey and Tracy talk about their experiences, struggles, and lessons in trying to change or fix others. By looking at behaviors, rather than characteristics, we can be supportive and helpful, yet provide autonomy and agency so others … Read more

S1. Episode 6: When to Stay and When to Leave

Weighing whether to stay or leave a relationship can be difficult and anxiety filled. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their stories of defining red lines, orange lines, and dealing with chatter and societal norms around ending relationships. Hear about their different opinions on “one and done” breakups versus reconciliation approaches when deciding whether to … Read more

S1. Episode 5: The Value of Therapy and Personal Growth Work

How much intention are you putting into understanding yourself – what makes you tick, what triggers you, how you communicate, and what your dreams are? Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about the value of self-understanding both for individual development and for successful relationships. Learn about both formal and informal therapeutic interventions and personal growth … Read more

S1. Episode 3: Communication

How do you communicate with others? What are your needs when it comes to communicating? Tune in to hear Corey and Tracy talk about knowing your own communication style, the styles of others, and maximizing communication interactions. Hear as they talk about their experiences with Love Languages and using Appreciative Inquiry to assume the best … Read more

S1. Episode 2: Watering the Garden

What type of investment do you put into a relationship? Do you water the garden enough to keep your relationship flourishing? What about over-watering? Is there such a thing? Tune in to hear Corey and Tracy talk about their experiences with watering the garden and ideas for moving forward in creating a healthy balance. Show … Read more

S1. Episode 1: Let’s Rock That Relationship

Tune in to learn more about co-hosts, Corey and Tracy, and their views on relationships. Find out more about key learning over the years that is helping to guide them forward in their current relationships. Show Notes: Law of Attraction-Learn more about attracting the energy, experiences, and feelings you want. Strengths-Based Leadership-Learn more about how … Read more