S3. Episode 1: What Kind of Healing?

Sadness, anger, hurt, confusion, relief, and fear. These are just some of the emotions many people feel after a breakup. Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about which emotions often come from feeling grief due to the loss of the relationship and which ones come from the trauma of the breakup or even relationship itself. They share how the healing processes for grief and trauma can be different from one another, offering resources and ideas to help with both.

Show Notes:

  • Scribd-Check out this app where you can listen to audiobooks and podcast on just about any subject. Corey and Tracy found many breakup, healing, and relationship books and podcasts on this site.
  • Tara Brach-Check out resources on meditation and mindfulness from Tara Brach, who is a meditation teacher and psychologist.
  • I Am app-Subscribe to “daily self-care reminders.”
  • Coach Dorothy-Tune in to Dorothy Johnson’s podcast about getting past heartbreak.
  • Mel Robbins-Listen to Mel’s motivational podcast on improving your life.