S4. Episode 5: The First Date

Nervous about asking someone out, getting ready for that first date, striking up the initial conversation, or even figuring out how to say goodbye at the end of the date while keeping the momentum going for the next one (or gently letting the person down if you don’t want another date)? Well, Corey and Tracy aren’t likely going to answer these questions or put your mind at ease. But, they will share how their approaches to first dates are significantly different and have both worked! Corey likes a nice hug on a first date…Tracy is open to more. Corey has discussion topics planned out…Tracy lets the conversation unfold organically. Corey avoids talking about exes…Tracy talks highly about her exes as they have been fundamental in shaping who she is. Both, though, agree that extendable dates in public places is key and sending a follow-up message no matter if there is interest in another date is the kind and courteous thing to do. Maybe they aren’t so different after all!

Show Notes:

  • Indian Matchmaking-Check out the show and Netflix and learn more about modern-day arranged marriages.
  • 8 Dates-Learn about 8 critical conversations to have with your partner.