S4. Episode 10: The Ultimatum Journey with Xander Boger

“The Ultimatum: Queer Love” had the LGBTQ community on the edge of their seats for ten episodes, waiting to see if any of the five couples ended up getting married, splitting up, or even re-partnering with someone else on the show. Join us as we have a heartfelt conversation with Xander Boger, who had a profound reflective journey during and after “The Ultimatum.” We talk about heartbreak, journaling, self-love, spirituality, and finding confidence. And, as always, Corey and Tracy have their own stories to share about everything from Corey’s love crystals to Tracy’s “nobody puts Baby in a corner” phase. This episode will be sure to open your eyes and your heart to finding your way after heartbreak.

Show Notes:

  • The Ultimatum: Queer Love-Watch a trailer for the show and then head on over to Netflix to binge the entire series.
  • Toxic Parents-Learn about the impact of childhood experiences on one’s adulthood.
  • Attachment Styles-Learn more about attachment styles – how they are formed and how they might impact your relationships.
  • Xander Boger-Follow Xander on Instagram at @xander.ology.