S5. Episode 3: The Honeymoon Phase with Brittany Steckel

What is the honeymoon phase exactly? We meet that new person, fall head over heels, and float in bliss…for a few months, perhaps. Then, real life sets in. Join us as we talk with individual and couples’ counselor, Brittany Steckel, about what happens to our bodies and minds at the beginning of a relationship, how attachment styles might impact how we transition into the post-honeymoon phase, and the role of novelty in keeping the spark. Tracy shares how she values a growth mindset in a partner where deep conversations, even on day one, can help them learn about themselves and each other. Corey’s less organic tactic, instead resembling a well-orchestrated lesson plan on emotional intelligence, shows up as conversations about the day’s “highlights and lowlights” over dinner every night. Regardless of how they go about it, both believe that establishing an emotional depth at the onset is what can make a relationship loving and sustainable well after the honeymoon phase ends.

Show Notes: