S5. Episode 2: The Flow and Pace of a New Relationship

Exclusivity, situationships, playing the field…Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss the many factors that go into figuring out the flow and pace of a new relationship. While both aspire to channel Dr. Frankie’s advice to explore options and take it slow before committing, Corey and Tracy share their visceral reaction to any dating or relationship activity that does not involve settling down right out of the gate. Tracy sums it up for the two of them: Move quickly from the apps, “take it live,” and establish an exclusive relationship right away. However, there are many ways to go about deciding the flow and pace of a new relationship. And, they both believe that knowing what you want and being transparent about it is what is most essential.

Show Notes:

  • Frankie Bashan-Learn more about Dr. Frankie’s matchmaking and coaching services at https://drfrankie.com and follow her on Instagram at @drfrankiebashan.
  • Martha Bodyfelt-Find out more information about Martha Bodyfelt, including getting access to her quiz, programs, information about the Ready for Love group program, and details on how to set up coaching.
  • Break Up Bestie-Listen as Kendra Allen shares her insight about getting through a breakup.