S5. Episode 10: Falling in Love . . . with Corey and Tracy

Tune in to hear the backstories from Corey and Tracy about what each of their first “falling in love” experiences felt like. Corey shares her “in the closet” Notebook-like first love that came crashing and burning down, whereas Tracy talks about her college love triangle that led her to someone else. Show Notes: Coach Dorothy-Tune … Read more

S5. Episode 9: Conflict Early On with Dr. Heather Browne

Join us as we talk with relationship expert, Dr. Heather Browne, as she shares wisdom and strategies for enhancing communication and dealing with conflict at the beginning stages of a relationship. But, this episode is like any other – Corey and Tracy see the world quite differently, with Tracy believing that conflict at the beginning … Read more

S5. Episode 7: Bringing the Past to the Present with Laura Giles

Join us as we talk with shadow worker and coach, Laura Giles, who shares insight on understanding how past trauma, particularly from one’s childhood, can emerge in a new romantic relationship. Through our conversation, Tracy’s oft-said comment, “when it’s hysterical, it’s historical” and quest for every first date to take place at a therapy session … Read more

S5. Episode 5: The Influence of Friends and Family

What if your friends or family members don’t like your new love? Are they good barometers for identifying red flags or just naysayers who don’t understand how awesome your new partner is? Or, what if they love your new boo…more than you do? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss these and other deep questions about … Read more

S5. Episode 4: Maintaining Independence with Lindsay Andrews

Tune in for an insightful conversation with codependency expert and educator, Lindsay Andrews. We chat all things codependency – from how to recognize it, how to break the cycle, and how to set boundaries moving forward. Hear as we all pipe in, particularly Lindsay, about the myth of the “you complete me” and “you’re my … Read more

S5. Episode 3: The Honeymoon Phase with Brittany Steckel

What is the honeymoon phase exactly? We meet that new person, fall head over heels, and float in bliss…for a few months, perhaps. Then, real life sets in. Join us as we talk with individual and couples’ counselor, Brittany Steckel, about what happens to our bodies and minds at the beginning of a relationship, how … Read more

S5. Episode 2: The Flow and Pace of a New Relationship

Exclusivity, situationships, playing the field…Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss the many factors that go into figuring out the flow and pace of a new relationship. While both aspire to channel Dr. Frankie’s advice to explore options and take it slow before committing, Corey and Tracy share their visceral reaction to any dating or relationship … Read more

S5. Episode 1: Falling in Love

How do YOU fall in love? Is it an up-all-night, fairy tale, magical whirlwind where you hurl yourself into the mad rush of euphoria, like Tracy does? Or is it more measured and slow burning, bucking all the Hollywood expectations of the happily ever after, like Corey goes about it? Tune in as Corey and … Read more