S3. Episode 4: Reclaiming and Recreating Identity

After a breakup, it’s not unusual to get that new haircut, start an exercise plan, or get a new job. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their post-breakup healing experiences and ways they reclaimed and recreated their identities, whether that was Tracy becoming a better dresser and competitive pickleballer or Corey becoming the lesbian docent of Tucson and an avid tank top-wearer. Also, tune in for an interview with our special guest, Monica, who shares her story about how changing her name after her divorce to one that better reflects her cultural identity offered the ultimate healing for her.

Show Notes:

  • com-Check out this online platform that helps you “Meet new people who share your interests through online and in-person events.” You can find local groups with just about any interest from sports to writing to cooking to spirituality.
  • The Authors Guild-Learn more about this nonprofit organization that supports writers in all aspects of their work from ideation to crafting content to publishing to marketing and offers networking opportunities to connect with writers from around the world.
  • Festival of Books-Find out more about the Tucson Festival of Books which celebrates literacy, reading, writing, and publishing.