S1. Episode 4: Law of Attraction and Manifesting the Relationships You Want

What and who are you attracting? Positive experiences and people or negative ones? Tune in to hear Corey and Tracy talk about the Law of Attraction and bringing positive energy to your life and relationships. Learn how they have taken to manifesting to clarify the kind of love they want in their lives.

Show Notes:

  • Law of Attraction-Learn more about attracting the energy, experiences, and feelings you want.
  • Love Your Life + Law of Attraction Podcast-Check out a podcast by Jennifer 365 to learn more about Law of Attraction and ideas to infuse it into your life.
  • The Choice-Learn more about Edith Eva Eger’s perspectives on the choices we make in life.
  • The Secret and The Secret to Relationships-Find out more about these two transformative works about Law of Attraction and specifically, its application to relationships.
  • Manifesting-Learn about the practice of manifesting and how you can incorporate this practice into your life.
  • Dear Soulmate Letter-Learn how to write a letter to summon your soulmate. Calling in “The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas and The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford offer suggestions for manifesting your soulmate.
  • Central Station-Find out more about this Brazilian movie about a woman who writes letters for others.
  • Project 3, 6, 9-Learn about Daniel Ackerman’s book on the manifesting practice of 3, 6, 9.
  • Vision Boards-Find out ways you can make your own vision board.