S4. Episode 8: Speed Dating and Matchmaking with Matchmaker, Dr. Frankie Bashan

While shows like Indian Matchmaking and The Millionaire Matchmaker have brought attention to facilitated dating, Dr. Frankie Bashan, lesbian and bisexual matchmaker, offers behind-the-scenes details on how both matchmaking and speed dating work. Tune in as she talks about how she entered into the world of matchmaking and how her background as a psychologist helps clients “stay optimistic” through the dating process. No episode would be complete without Corey and Tracy sharing their own experiences, like how speed dating made Corey a better dater by giving her a place to practice flirty comments and how it connected Tracy with even more new Facebook friends.

Show Notes:

  • Indian Matchmaking-Check out the show and Netflix and learn more about modern-day arranged marriages.
  • The Millionaire Matchmaker-Check out this multi-season reality show follows a matchmaker who pairs up wealthy singles.
  • Married at First Sight-Watch this reality show where matchmakers pair up strangers to meet at the altar to say, “I do.” Follow them through their honeymoon and initial time of living together to see who stays together and who doesn’t.
  • Jewish Matchmaking-Tune in as this reality show follows a matchmaker who finds these Jewish men and women their ideal partners.
  • Love on the Spectrum-Watch this Australian reality show that follows the dating and relationship worlds of individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Frankie Bashan-Learn more about Dr. Frankie’s matchmaking and coaching services.