S1. Episode 5: The Value of Therapy and Personal Growth Work

How much intention are you putting into understanding yourself – what makes you tick, what triggers you, how you communicate, and what your dreams are? Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about the value of self-understanding both for individual development and for successful relationships. Learn about both formal and informal therapeutic interventions and personal growth strategies that have helped them discover more about themselves.

Show Notes:

  • Break Up Bestie-Listen as Kendra Allen shares her insight about getting through a breakup.
  • Coach Dorothy-Tune in to Dorothy Johnson’s podcast about getting past heartbreak.
  • Toxic Parents-Learn about the impact of childhood experiences on one’s adulthood.
  • How to Not Die Alone-Learn strategies for getting through heartache and back to dating.
  • Eat, Pray, #FML-Hear Gabrielle Stone’s story of breakup recovery.
  • 8 Dates-Learn about 8 critical conversations to have with your partner.
  • Enneagram-Learn more about the Enneagram and take this self-assessment to find out more about your Enneagram number.
  • Marriage Fitness-Download an audiobook and worksheets on making and keeping your relationship fit. Good for long-term unmarried partners as well.