S3. Episode 6: Intuitive Healing

With so many ways to go about healing from heartache – like making new friends, taking up a hobby, talking with a therapist, and prioritizing goals, it’s easy to focus on the more traditional or conventional aspects of healing. But, what about intuitive, metaphysical ways? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss their take on Reiki, Tarot cards, intuitive coaching, psychics, numerology, past life regression, and horoscopes as contributors to healing. Find out what the burning tower Tarot card meant for Corey or why Tracy found solace in talking to a tree.

Show Notes:

  • Intuition Coaching-Learn more about the intuition coaching from Wayshowers College (formerly Americana Leadership College) referenced in this episode.
  • Ayahuasca-This is a brew made from two particular plants. When consumed, it can result in a psychedelic effect.
  • Twin Flames and Divine Partners-Check out “What is a divine counterpart?” to learn more.
  • Numerology-Learn more about how numerology works.
  • Transmutation-This is the process of transforming negative energy into deep wisdom. There are several books and articles on transmutation and intuition available online.
  • Past Life Regression-This type of therapy often involves using gentle hypnosis to access past life memories. Some people find this is useful for overcoming fears or breaking habits, whereas others find it informative in uncovering soul connections that transcend lifetimes. This type of therapy is controversial, though, in that there has been no concrete evidence that it is effective. However, many people anecdotally attest to its usefulness. Learn more by searching for past life regression online.

Please note that neither Corey nor Tracy endorse any of the above viewpoints, practices, or provided resources/links. You will want to make sure you are well-informed about the potential risks for each and have consulted a licensed medical  professional and/or mental health professional, if appropriate, before engaging or participating in any of these methods.