S1. Episode 9: Giving and Taking Space

Do you really give the benefit of the doubt to others, especially the people you are in relationships with? Or, are you quick to assume bad intentions and react in ways that aren’t as loving and kind? Listen as Corey and Tracy share their thoughts and experiences about how they have learned to give others the benefit of the doubt and what has held them back in their previous relationships.

Show Notes:

  • Attachment Styles-Learn more about attachment styles – how they are formed and how they might impact your relationships.
  • Attachment Style Quiz-Take this quiz to learn more about your attachment style. Please note that this is a quick, self-reported online assessment. For more in-depth exploration of your possible attachment style, it is recommended to work with a therapist who specializes in this work.
  • Free Solo-Find out more about Alex Honnold’s life as a free soloist climber as he takes on his biggest challenge yet in this movie. Learn more about how he and his girlfriend navigate their partnership while supporting his calling to engage in high-risk activity.
  • Let’s Talk Attachments with Jessica DaSilva-Check out this podcast to learn more about attachment styles.