S4. Episode 6: Dating Across Zodiac Signs with Astrologer, Bethany Nicole

“What’s your sign?” is not just a pick-up line from a silly rom-com. Instead, understanding astrology can be foundational for dating. Tune in as we chat with astrologer and relationship expert, Bethany Nicole, as she drops some amazing wisdom about our signs, planets, and houses and how each can affect the way we show up in dating. Listen as Bethany discusses the importance of enhancing self-knowledge and being able to calibrate our shadow sides for more effective relationships as well as how past lives and intuition intersect with astrology. And, for fun, hear how both Corey and Tracy have navigated the dating scene as Virgos!

Show Notes:

  • Kabbalistic Astrology-Learn more about this type of astrology and link to resources for more information.
  • Costar-This astrology app provides customized readings based on your birth chart.
  • Astrology.com-This site provides horoscopes, birth charts, articles, and more information about astrology.
  • Attachment Styles-Learn more about attachment styles – how they are formed and how they might impact your relationships.
  • Love Languages-Learn about Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages and how you like to give and receive love.
  • Bethany Nicole-Learn more about Bethany’s work with astrology, book a chart reading, and check out her book (and blog), Apologies I Never Got!