S6. Episode 6: The Root of Conflict with Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt

Tune in for an amazing conversation with clinical psychologist and certified relationship therapist, Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt, about addressing the root causes of conflict in relationships. She discusses how we, as adults, engage in conflict in ways that were modeled for us as children. Corey shares about how her parents’ relationship, and ultimate divorce, modeled some unhealthy patterns she didn’t want to repeat. Tracy pipes in about the challenges many in marginalized communities face in seeking out and getting therapy, with messages she heard as a child about keeping “our business in our family.” This is a fascinating episode, great for anyone in a relationship, parenting, or just wanting to learn how to uncover how they approach conflict.

Show Notes:

  • Blacks Couples Therapy-Grab a copy of this book about to learn more about providing culturally responsive care to Black couples. Dr. Satira has a chapter in this book as well!
  • Toxic Parents-Learn about the impact of childhood experiences on one’s adulthood.
  • Scribd-Check out this app where you can listen to audiobooks and podcast on just about any subject. Corey and Tracy found many breakup, healing, and relationship books and podcasts on this site. Scribd now goes by Everand.
  • Ascensions-Learn more about this organization, which provides “therapy without walls” to the Washington, DC community.
  • The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy-Take a look at this book by Susan M. Johnson, which blends attachment, emotional regulation, and neuroscience, and strategies for engaging in emotionally focused therapy.
  • Attachment Styles-Learn more about attachment styles – how they are formed and how they might impact your relationships.
  • Art and Science of Love-Check out this weekend retreat on building intimacy, based on more than 40 years of research from Drs. John and Julie Gottman.
  • Hold Me Tight-Learn more about this insightful book by Dr. Sue Johnson about creating secure relationships with our partners.
  • Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt