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Are you looking for that place where you can truly ponder the intricacies of healthy relationships? We aim to bring together others who want to explore and discuss the ins and outs of complex issues people face today in finding, developing, maintaining, and fostering productive relationships.

Who Are We?

Corey Seemiller is a professor, author, and professional speaker on leadership, intergenerational understanding, and emotional intelligence. She is an accredited life coach in Law of Attraction and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and holds certifications in the Science of Happiness, Strengths-Based Education, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She sees the world from a glass-half-full perspective and focuses on how to lead a life of fulfillment, meaning, and joy. She has been through heartbreak and healing and is here to help you manifest the kind of relationships that bring you true happiness! *Expert in breakups from personal experience.

For more information on Corey, go to www.coreyseemiller.com

Listen to an interview with her on The Executive Coach for Moms podcast to learn more about her perspectives and views on achievement, success, rejection, and resilience.

Tracy Wood
is an attorney, mediator, and former police officer. She has spent decades helping others understand their feelings and how those feelings lead to certain behaviors and relationship patterns. She is a certified life coach specializing in Law of Attraction, Confidence, Substance Abuse, and Attachment Styles. She has also been through heartbreak and healing and is here to help you understand how to develop and improve all of your relationships. *Also an expert in breakups from personal experience

Listen to an interview with her on The Stories We Tell podcast about paving the way in coming out.

How Can We Help?

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Why Us?

  • We read a lot…especially books on relationships, breakups, interpersonal dynamics, and a slew of others that help us better understand people and relationships.
  • We listen to a ton of other podcasts. We have been able to curate what we like about various other podcasts to weave into ours.
  • We attend self-help seminars, participate in healing circles, watch webinars, earn certifications, and more just to develop our own selves. We know the value of personal development and our learning can help you.
  • We understand people. Doing so is our day-to-day work. And, we come from very different backgrounds, having immensely different experiences, which helps us break down and analyze issues from a variety of viewpoints.
  • Most importantly, we have managed to screw up our own relationships and learn from those experiences…so you don’t have to.

Let us help you strengthen your emotional intelligence, grow your awareness of attachment styles, improve your communication, and manifest relationships that rock!