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Are you looking for that place where you can truly ponder the intricacies of healthy relationships? This group aims to bring together others who want to explore and discuss the ins and outs of complex issues people face today in finding. developing, maintaining, and fostering productive relationships.

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Season 1: The 8 Lessons 

Learn about the 8 major lessons we have learned through all of the relationships and breakups including a lively discussion on orange and red lines, watering the garden, and giving the benefit of the doubt. Tune in for some insight and comedy all in one place!

Season 2: Surviving Breakups

In season 2, we go in depth about how to survive breakups including letting go, getting closure, no contact, and breakup truisms. Special guests, Jessica DaSilva talks about attachment styles, and Coach Dorothy shares about how to get over your ex.

Season 3: Healing from Heartbreak

Want to learn more about Corey’s 44-point breakup healing plan or Tracy’s obsession with affirmations? In season 3, we discuss everything about healing after heartbreak…from self-love to psychics, and all things in between. Special guests include Monica Walela who shares about reclaiming identity, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane who discuss manifesting and Law of Attraction, Lise Cartwright shares about how to quell negative chatter, and Vera Minot opens up about her strategies for getting through a breakup.

Season 4: Dating

This season is chalk full of expert tips, dating advice, what-not-to-dos, and how to get yourself ready and get out there in the dating world! Special guests include love healer, Carisa Montooth, who discusses healing ancestral wounds, astrologer, Bethany Nicole, who shares about zodiac compatibility, matchmaker, Dr. Frankie Bashan, who gives the ins and outs of matchmaking and speed dating, dating coach, Martha Bodyfelt, who discusses the importance of IRL connection, and Netflix reality star from The Ultimatum, Xander Boger, who shares about her authentic healing journey during and after the show.

Season 5: Falling in Love

Tune in for a season of “new love!” We talk about all the feelings that come with falling in love, the flow and pace of relationships, navigating the honeymoon phase with Brittany Steckel, maintaining independence with Lindsay Andrews, the influence of friends and family, types and preferences and how understanding them can help in our partnerships, how to reconcile with past relationship history while starting a new relationship with Laura Giles, soulmates and soul contracts with Carol McGlinchey, dealing with conflict early in a relationship with Dr. Heather Browne, and Corey’s and Tracy’s first loves! You won’t want to miss this incredible season of love!

Season 6: Long-Term Relationships

Check out a season filled with juicy topics like moving in, deciding to marry or not, keeping the spark alive, and supporting your partner through challenges. Chalked full of amazing experts, like Dr. Nicole Odom-Hardnett who talks about blending families, Julie Hall who shares about creating intimacy, Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt who sheds light on the root of conflict and how it shows up in relationships, Barbara J. Hunt and Katharine Giovanni who takes us forgiving ourselves and forgiving others, and Claire Afua Jorgensen who helps us look deeply at whether a challenging relationship can and should be saved. And, you don’t want to miss our bonus episode where we interview Tucson local, Colette Barajas, on how she worked to build the LGBTQ community in the 1980s.

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Who Are We?

Corey Seemiller is a professor, author, and professional speaker on leadership, intergenerational understanding, and emotional intelligence. She is an accredited life coach in Law of Attraction and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and holds certifications in the Science of Happiness, Strengths-Based Education, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She sees the world from a glass-half-full perspective and focuses on how to lead a life of fulfillment, meaning, and joy. She has been through heartbreak and healing and is here to help you manifest the kind of relationships that bring you true happiness!
*Expert in breakups from personal experience. For more information on Corey, go to www.coreyseemiller.com

Tracy Wood is an attorney, mediator, and former police officer. She has spent decades helping others understand their feelings and how those feelings lead to certain behaviors and relationship patterns. She is a certified life coach specializing in Law of Attraction, Confidence, Substance Abuse, and Attachment Styles. She has also been through heartbreak and healing and is here to help you understand how to develop and improve all of your relationships.
*Also an expert in breakups from personal experience

Why Us?

  • We read a lot…especially books on relationships, breakups, interpersonal dynamics, and a slew of others that help us better understand people and relationships.
  • We listen to a ton of other podcasts. We have been able to curate what we like about various other podcasts to weave into ours.
  • We attend self-help seminars, participate in healing circles, watch webinars, earn certifications, and more just to develop our own selves. We know the value of personal development and our learning can help you.
  • We understand people. Doing so is our day-to-day work. And, we come from very different backgrounds, having immensely different experiences, which helps us break down and analyze issues from a variety of viewpoints.
  • Most importantly, we have managed to screw up our own relationships and learn from those experiences…so you don’t have to.

Tune in and let us help you strengthen your emotional intelligence, grow your awareness of attachment styles, improve your communication, and manifest relationships that rock!