S2. Episode 2: Breaking Up

Episode 2: Breaking Up

Whether you are the breaker-upper or the broken-up-with, splitting up from our significant other can be disorienting, difficult, and heartbreaking. Even relationships we know must come to an end can still leave us in a state of grief and confusion. Should you have a breakup contract? How much do you involve your ex in processing the breakup? How can you approach a breakup in a productive and healthy way, even when it may feel awful? Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about their thoughts on what to do during a breakup and their strengths and missteps in their previous breakups.

Show Notes:

  • This is How Your Marriage Ends-Check out this book by Matthew Fray on how to save relationships.
  • 8 Dates-Learn about 8 critical conversations to have with your partner.
  • Cohabitation Agreement-This legal document can be used for partners living together who are unmarried and want to identify asset division and legal protection in the event of a breakup. While this focuses on legal language, a simple Word document with your own terms is encouraged (who retains streaming services? What about the shared pet? How long will you stay on the same phone plan before you have to move off?).