S5. Episode 10: Falling in Love . . . with Corey and Tracy

Tune in to hear the backstories from Corey and Tracy about what each of their first “falling in love” experiences felt like. Corey shares her “in the closet” Notebook-like first love that came crashing and burning down, whereas Tracy talks about her college love triangle that led her to someone else.

Show Notes:

  • Coach Dorothy-Tune in to Dorothy Johnson’s podcast about getting past heartbreak.
  • The Notebook-Watch this love story about two people from opposite social circumstances spend their lifetimes trying to reconnect.
  • The L Word-Check out this seminal lesbian drama series that was the hallmark of coming out, dating, and love in the 2000s.
  • Carol McGlinchey-Learn about Carol’s own past lives and her work as a certified regression therapist, spiritual intuitive, and psychic medium.
  • com-Learn more about Bethany’s work with astrology, book a chart reading, and check out her book (and blog), Apologies I Never Got!