S1. Episode 3: Communication

How do you communicate with others? What are your needs when it comes to communicating? Tune in to hear Corey and Tracy talk about knowing your own communication style, the styles of others, and maximizing communication interactions. Hear as they talk about their experiences with Love Languages and using Appreciative Inquiry to assume the best in others.

Show Notes:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-Take this self-assessment to learn more about your personality type.
  • Enneagram-Learn more about the Enneagram and take this self-assessment to find out more about your Enneagram number.
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder-Find out more about Gallup Strengths and uncover your top five talent themes.
  • Law of Attraction-Learn more about attracting the energy, experiences, and feelings you want.
  • Toxic Parents-Learn about the impact of childhood experiences on one’s adulthood.
  • Love Languages-Learn about the 5 love languages from Gary Chapman.
  • Ladder of Inference-Learn about why people “jump to conclusions” without the facts and data and how to slow that process down to come to more accurate conclusions.
  • Appreciative Inquiry-Learn how you can “assume the best” in your relationships.