Season 4


S4. Episode 1: Getting Back Out There: You want to start dating. But, how do you know you’re ready? Tune in as Corey and Tracy talk about doing self-work, setting intentions, and trusting your gut to prepare yourself for getting back out there. Listen to Corey share her experience “practice dating,” and Tracy talk about her less-structured, go-with-the-flow approach. If you are considering dating or are already out there in the dating world, check out this episode!

S4. Episode 2: Love Healing with Dating Coach and Energy Worker, Carisa Montooth: “The beginning to everything is healing.” Tune in as a love coach and sixth generation healer, Carisa Montooth, shares about why healing deep ancestral and past wounds before getting into a relationship is the first step to self-love. Hear as she shares personal stories and experiences about how to develop sustainable love, what people often do to self-sabotage their dating process, and why it’s important to trust others’ sovereign wisdom to make their own choices about dating and relationships.

S4. Episode 3: Online Dating: Online dating…some love it; some don’t. But, it can be a great way to meet amazing people and potential partners, if you approach it authentically and with realistic expectations. Listen as Corey and Tracy banter about profiles riddled with typos, bathroom selfies, ghosting, and having to sift through what are obviously rants about exes embedded into profile content. Tune in as Corey shares about the downsides of having your settings on “radius infinity” and conjuring about possible connections thousands of miles away but then creating impossible relationships if neither person wants to move. Hear Tracy talk about “less is more” and not overthinking the profile, the photo, or even when and what to message. With two very different approaches to online dating, with neither being the surefire way to go, find out what might work for you!

S4. Episode 4: Organic Dating: Organic dating isn’t connecting with a possible love interest over a kale smoothie; instead, it involves meeting prospects OFF the dating apps. In a world in which the apps are the go-to for many, it’s easy to forget about all the amazing places and great ways to meet people IRL. Listen in as Corey and Tracy talk about how friends of friends and solo travel open doors to dating, and the reality of the friends-to-lovers trope along with the pros and cons of dating a coworker. Tune in as Corey shares about bookstore loitering and Meetup events, Tracy discusses her one and only blind date, and the two of them banter about whether dating an old flame is a good idea. Whether you are in the dating scene or just want some ideas about how to meet people, check out this episode!

S4. Episode 5: The First Date: Nervous about asking someone out, getting ready for that first date, striking up the initial conversation, or even figuring out how to say goodbye at the end of the date while keeping the momentum going for the next one (or gently letting the person down if you don’t want another date)? Well, Corey and Tracy aren’t likely going to answer these questions or put your mind at ease. But, they will share how their approaches to first dates are significantly different and have both worked! Corey likes a nice hug on a first date…Tracy is open to more. Corey has discussion topics planned out…Tracy lets the conversation unfold organically. Corey avoids talking about exes…Tracy talks highly about her exes as they have been fundamental in shaping who she is. Both, though, agree that extendable dates in public places is key and sending a follow-up message no matter if there is interest in another date is the kind and courteous thing to do. Maybe they aren’t so different after all!

S4. Episode 6: Dating Across Zodiac Signs with Astrologer, Bethany Nicole: “What’s your sign?” is not just a pick-up line from a silly rom-com. Instead, understanding astrology can be foundational for dating. Tune in as we chat with astrologer and relationship expert, Bethany Nicole, as she drops some amazing wisdom about our signs, planets, and houses and how each can affect the way we show up in dating. Listen as Bethany discusses the importance of enhancing self-knowledge and being able to calibrate our shadow sides for more effective relationships as well as how past lives and intuition intersect with astrology. And, for fun, hear how both Corey and Tracy have navigated the dating scene as Virgos!

S4. Episode 7: Unique Dating Situations: Have you ever dated across a large age gap? Long distance? Someone with kids? How about a person with different political or religious views? Or maybe someone freshly broken up? Dating is hard enough without all of the extra layers of possible complexity. But, these factors only help us figure out what we really want in a partner, including what are dealbreakers and what aren’t. Listen as Corey shares how she really feels about olives and how she doesn’t buy into messaging that she can be judgy because she knows what she wants and Tracy talks about what we would really do if we found out our friends didn’t like who we were dating. Learn about how you feel about some of these unique dating situations as you listen to Corey and Tracy banter away!

S4. Episode 8: Speed Dating and Matchmaking with Matchmaker, Dr. Frankie Bashan: While shows like Indian Matchmaking and The Millionaire Matchmaker have brought attention to facilitated dating, Dr. Frankie Bashan, lesbian and bisexual matchmaker, offers behind-the-scenes details on how both matchmaking and speed dating work. Tune in as she talks about how she entered into the world of matchmaking and how her background as a psychologist helps clients “stay optimistic” through the dating process. No episode would be complete without Corey and Tracy sharing their own experiences, like how speed dating made Corey a better dater by giving her a place to practice flirty comments and how it connected Tracy with even more new Facebook friends.

S4. Episode 9: Finding Connection with Dating Coach, Martha Bodyfelt: Tune in as we chat with Martha Bodyfelt about dating in mid-life. Our lively conversation flows from how to meet people in real life through activities that bring you joy and the power of loose connections to the downsides of video-game-like dating apps. Rest assured, Tracy pipes in with her own experiences with online dating and making connections, and Corey shares about her deep dive into the dating apps only to meet someone in real life when she least expected. Hear as Martha also shares about her Dating DNA-clarity, confidence, and connection…along with the worst dating advice she has ever heard, including “be yourself,” “you just have to put yourself out there,” and “you’re too picky.” The episode is chalk full of practical wisdom about how to best design your dating portfolio.

S4. Episode 10: The Ultimatum Journey with Xander Boger: “The Ultimatum: Queer Love” had the LGBTQ community on the edge of their seats for ten episodes, waiting to see if any of the five couples ended up getting married, splitting up, or even re-partnering with someone else on the show. Join us as we have a heartfelt conversation with Xander Boger, who had a profound reflective journey during and after “The Ultimatum.” We talk about heartbreak, journaling, self-love, spirituality, and finding confidence. And, as always, Corey and Tracy have their own stories to share about everything from Corey’s love crystals to Tracy’s “nobody puts Baby in a corner” phase. This episode will be sure to open your eyes and your heart to finding your way after heartbreak.