Season 3

Healing from Heartbreak

S3. Episode 1: What Kind of Healing? Sadness, anger, hurt, confusion, relief, and fear. These are just some of the emotions many people feel after a breakup. Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about which emotions often come from feeling grief due to the loss of the relationship and which ones come from the trauma of the breakup or even relationship itself. They share how the healing processes for grief and trauma can be different from one another, offering resources and ideas to help with both.

S3. Episode 2: The Healing Plan: Healing after a breakup can feel overwhelming. But, what if you had a healing plan that could help you move through the process quicker and more effectively? Tracy isn’t quite sure a formal plan would work for her, but Corey swears by her 44-point healing plan. Listen as they talk about their healing experiences being scattershot, as Tracy says, or prescribed, as Corey says, and how both of their processes, while different from each other, were incredibly intentional and transformative.

S3. Episode 3: Self-Love: Self-acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, affirmations, boundary setting, wellbeing, and exploring new endeavors…all essential for self-love. Listen as Tracy shares how loving herself means not running away from acting class and reading 20 affirmations a day, while Corey talks about her non-negotiable daily walks and liking others’ social media posts, except apparently Tracy’s Facebook posts. Hear how they approach self-love differently, yet have both found ways to accept, value, and love themselves.

S3. Episode 4: Reclaiming and Recreating Identity: After a breakup, it’s not unusual to get that new haircut, start an exercise plan, or get a new job. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their post-breakup healing experiences and ways they reclaimed and recreated their identities, whether that was Tracy becoming a better dresser and competitive pickleballer or Corey becoming the lesbian docent of Tucson and an avid tank top-wearer. Also, tune in for an interview with our special guest, Monica, who shares her story about how changing her name after her divorce to one that better reflects her cultural identity offered the ultimate healing for her.

S3. Episode 5: Vibrations, Law of Attraction, and Manifesting with Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane: Join us as we ponder healing after heartbreak with Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, hosts of the Manifest it Now podcast. Listen as Ginny explains how the law of attraction works like gravity and Cassie shares incredible insight on manifesting your ex back. We also chat about the importance of being aware of your vibrations, letting yourself feel the feelings of the heartbreak, and going with what works for you.

S3. Episode 6: Intuitive Healing: With so many ways to go about healing from heartache – like making new friends, taking up a hobby, talking with a therapist, and prioritizing goals, it’s easy to focus on the more traditional or conventional aspects of healing. But, what about intuitive, metaphysical ways? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss their take on Reiki, Tarot cards, intuitive coaching, psychics, numerology, past life regression, and horoscopes as contributors to healing. Find out what the burning tower Tarot card meant for Corey or why Tracy found solace in talking to a tree.

S3. Episode 7: Making Space for Others’ Joy: Managing heartbreak is hard enough, but what do you do when everyone around you seems happy and you want to rip up their love poems? Listen as Tracy shares how she would never go to couples’ game night alone, and hear what Corey has to say about the over-exaggeration of social media and the transformative green bean experience. In the end, they both agree that when we are sad, we need to make room for others’ happiness; but, when we are happy, we also need to make room for others’ sadness.

S3. Episode 8: Minding the Chatter with Lise Cartright: Tune in for an amazing discussion about quelling negative mental chatter with coach and author of Mind the Chatter, Lise Cartright. Lise discusses how she engages with Neville, the name she gave to her chatter, and how she managed her chatter during heartbreak and healing. As a manifester and someone who sees the world as the “glass spilling over,” she shares how human design and gut instinct can work together to help align actions and ultimately, reduce chatter.

S3. Episode 9: Clarifying Needs and Expectations: Although healing from a breakup is often filled with managing emotions and meaning-making, it is also a great time to think about needs and expectations moving forward. Listen as Corey and Tracy share insight into their “must-haves,” those things they had in past relationships and want again in the future, the “never doing that agains,” things they want in the future that are different than what they had in the past, and “no-gos,” which are the absolute non-negotiables. Listen as they discuss all three, along with the ways they came to develop clarity around them during the healing process.

S3. Episode 10: Moving On with Vera Minot: Tune in for a conversation with special guest, Vera Minot, entrepreneur, activist, and President of the Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce, as she shares how she has healed from heartbreak. Hear her talk about the lessons she’s learned and her thoughts on the band-aid pull breakup approach, journaling, and letting time work in her favor. Vera is a perfect example of how we all have had our share of “messy” love lives but can overcome the heartbreak and emerge as wiser and better people.