Season 2

Surviving Breakups

S2. Reflections: As Corey and Tracy extrovertedly chatted through season one, some of what came up from their discussions even surprised them. Listen as they share what they learned from season one and how they are applying their own insight, as well as learn what season two has to offer.

S2. Episode 1: Heartbreak and Heartache: Listen as Corey and Tracy “get real” about their own experiences with heartbreak and heartache. Hear the one thing they do agree on about heartbreak and the other things they don’t as Tracy’s “hopeless romantic” and Corey’s “practical partner” engage in lively discussion.

S2. Episode 2: Breaking Up: Whether you are the breaker-upper or the broken-up-with, splitting up from our significant other can be disorienting, difficult, and heartbreaking. Even relationships we know must come to an end can still leave us in a state of grief and confusion. Should you have a breakup contract? How much do you involve your ex in processing the breakup? How can you approach a breakup in a productive and healthy way, even when it may feel awful? Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about their thoughts on what to do during a breakup and their strengths and missteps in their previous breakups.

S2. Episode 3: No Contact: Tune in to learn more about the “No contact” rule after a breakup. Whether you need space, time, or just a chance to re-engage with yourself, having at least 30 days of no contact with your ex can be vital. Listen as Corey and Tracy share their takes on the “No contact” rule…with Tracy admitting she would rather process things out right away, and Corey believing “going cold turkey” can be the saving grace to self-healing.

S2. Episode 4: The First Six Weeks: The first six weeks after a breakup can be tough. Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss what they have tried during those first six weeks after various breakups as they tried to survive and thrive after heartbreak.

S2. Episode 5: Attachment Styles with Jessica DaSilva: Listen in as we talk with Jessica DaSilva, a licensed marriage and family therapist and attachment coach in helping adults end their unhealthy dating patterns and create stronger, secure relationships using the Attachment Theory framework. Our conversation explores how understanding the role of attachment styles in relationships, and particularly, in breakups can be insightful. Jessica hosts a podcast on attachment styles and offers coaching and the “My secure self academy.” Tune in as Corey and Tracy chat with Jessica about all things attachment and how you can become more securely attached.

S2. Episode 6: Breakup Truisms: Have you ever been told after a breakup, “Time heals all wounds?” “There are other fish in the sea?” “You are better off?” Breakup truisms are pieces of advice that we are often told after a breakup by others who are well-intentioned in doing so. But, do these pieces of supposed sagely wisdom have any merit? Listen as Tracy gives her thoughts on why time doesn’t heal wounds and Corey shares her perspectives on focusing on the silver lining.

S2. Episode 7: Letting Go: Have you ever gotten out of a relationship and just wanted to “let go” or “move on?” Are there things we can do to initiate or even accelerate this process? Listen as Corey and Tracy discuss what worked and didn’t work for them to “let go,” physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether that is getting rid of an ex’s coffee stash or finding ways to forgive, hear them share about their processes for moving on.

S2. Episode 8: Closure: After a breakup, many of us just want information (Why did this happen? How did we get to this point?), validation (Is it me?), or just a chance to be heard (Let me share my thoughts) to get closure. But, closure is not just for the one who was broken up with; it is also important for the breaker-upper, who may also be left with unanswered questions and unfinished business after making the decision to end the relationship. Listen as Corey and Tracy talk about different ways they have sought out and finally gotten closure on past relationships. Whether that is Tracy’s incessant processing in the moment or Corey’s deep reflection and pontification, both offer unique ways they have found closure.

S2. Episode 9: Getting Over Your Ex with Coach Dorothy: Tune in for a conversation with Dorothy AB Johnson as she shares her insights on getting over your ex. Dorothy is a breakup coach and podcast host, who offers the “Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months or Less” program. Listen as Corey and Tracy engage in a lively discussion with Coach Dorothy.

S2. Episode 10: Breakup Dos and Don’ts: Dealing with breakups can be challenging. But, our listeners have chimed in with their tried and true “Dos” and “Don’ts” during a breakup. As always, hear Corey and Tracy comment on each of these pieces of wisdom, and in turn, learn more about Tracy’s creepy baby doll or Corey’s view on what it means to be a good or bad “picker.”