Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 2 weeks before the hike. This gives us the opportunity to offer the hike to others. For these cancellations, 50% of your payment will be refunded.

If you cancel in less than 2 weeks before the hike, there will be no refund.

Our cancellation policy applies in every instance and there will be no exceptions for any reason. We will not issue a refund for arriving late or leaving early. We are not responsible for any expenses incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations or illness.


We reserve the right to change the scheduled itinerary at our discretion. It will sometimes be necessary to change plans and itineraries due to bad weather, acts of Mother Nature or situations beyond our control. If changes are required, we will do our best to substitute a quality experience, and try to provide you with a hike that exceeds your expectations.


This hike includes some element of risk. We assume no liability for injuries, illnesses, damages and/or deaths that may arise during the hike, or any other activities or transportation rendered.

You will NOT be able to join the hike until you have signed the appropriate waiver acknowledging these risks. Each person must sign their own waiver.

You will be provided an official waiver when you arrive at the trailhead. A digital copy of the waiver can be found online.


  • All participants must stay with the group and guide at all times.
  • The guide MUST BE NOTIFIED of any variance to this policy.
  • Do not climb or hike up any steep rock faces or areas indicated as “off limits” by your guide.
  • Do not enter any mine or cave openings.
  • Do not pick, damage, or take any plants, rocks, or artifacts from the hiking site.
  • Please do not litter. Pack it in; pack it out.

Any behavior or activity that threatens the natural and historical resources within any of our destinations is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Consult with your guide on proper “Leave no Trace” principles with regard to waste disposal.


To ensure a quality experience, we ask that all participants meet some general requirements in order to achieve the best experiences on our tours. These include:

  • Health and fitness to partake in an 8-mile hike
  • Proper footwear and gear
  • Ample amounts of water and food


No smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, illegal drugs, or alcohol of any kind are allowed on the hike.


We recommend purchasing short-term travel, cancellation and accident insurance before your trip. You can purchase policies that will cover the length of your vacation and provide short-term coverage in the event of loss of luggage, a personal accident or the loss of personal belongings. Your individual homeowners policy may cover some of these items also (it’s a good idea to check in advance). We suggest these travel insurance agencies:

Travel Insurance Center

Insure My Trip – The Travel Insurance Comparison Site

Some of the most difficult situations include sudden onset of health problems for our participants or their family members, or catastrophic events. In these situations, we generally do not have time to refill the space, yet we have already spent considerable time, money, and energy preparing for your participation. Because of our very limited number of available spaces, we cannot afford the financial loss that cancellations cause. Therefore, in deciding whether or not to buy this insurance, consider the investment you are making and whether or not you could afford the loss if you did have to cancel.